Published 3/19/2016
Weak Open-Source #LaravelSpark

Weak Open-Source #LaravelSpark (#php)

What is Spark ? Or what it was?

It was quite big thing in open source Laravel comunnity (PHP). I was looking into Spark presentation long time ago and waiting what will rise from that project.

It looked like really useful project, and really interesting fact was that it was developed like Open Source. "Spark is an experimental project primarily intended for building business oriented SaaS applications, and is highly opinionated towards that use case."

But what happened was that main contributor/author changed mind :) and continued development process as closed source. It might get some people angry as there were few more contributors to this project. But you know money is money.

Official project was removed from github, so there are only some forks left.

Forked open source (early) version:

Main reason why I am writing this is to let people know what happened. I was not able to find Spark in github, so I was curious and found more information later. And also you can use my fork to access older version of project.

RIP (Open Source) Spark.