Published 5/14/2017
FrontEnd in 2017, hot news and what to expect next?

What to expect from year 2017 in FrontEnd?

I will be updating this article to list most important changes in programming languages, frameworks and libraries.


Node.js 8.0



  • seems like npm want to catch up with yarm, and coming with quite big bunch of important changes
  • cache rework (should speed up builds, and be more reliable)
  • improved locking of dependencies
  • versioning git dependencies with semver
  • automatic --save

react-scripts@1.0.0 (React CLI)

  • best CLI for React getting big update
  • updated Webpack to version 2
  • code splitting with dynamic import()


  • code formatting revolution
  • opinionated JavaScript code formatter
  • can fix many Linting rules and can create really nice looking code