Published 10/21/2015
Break through technologies in 2015!

These are 'break through' (web) technologies in 2015

Most exciting technologies which will change life of many developers. This article contains few of them.

Let's encrypt certificates


Free SSL certificates for everyone?

Encrypted whole internet?

Answer to this question is Let's Encrypt iniciative. Recently their certification authority became trusted in all major browsers and that's cool. Certificates should be avaliable to public at 16th of November 2015.

Edit: Dream becoming reality and now (early 2016) we have these certificates available in most of web hostings and also there are tools how to generate certificate on own server.

Some links:


Strictly typed PHP?

2x faster PHP language?

Answer for this questions is PHP7. Language which is improving php. Coming late year 2015.

Release is planned for 12th of November. Detailed timeline is available here.

*Edit: Release is postponed due to finded bugs - now we have RC8 and PHP7 release is planned for 3rd of December 2015 (according to*

*Edit of Edit: PHP7 was released and now it's ready to shine in production servers and bring in static typing and performance of this great technology.*

Windows 10 (platform)

There are still many developers (for now it's still also me) that are developing on Windows. New Win10platform brings in Universal Windows Platform (UWP) which allows develop desktop applications for whole windows10 family - phones, tablets, desktops.

There are also improvements for web developers - like new command line, native support for docker, and more.

Microsoft says that beside gamers, want's to also improve life of developers and some interesting features are coming to windows - eg. ubuntu bash (announced later on //Build2016).

ReactJs (JavaScript library)

It's not like it was created in 2015, but in this year it becoming very popular. It's getting improved adding in Ecma Script 6 (ES6) features and seems like community really likes way React works.

So I am mentioning it because there is "hype" around this "small" library and this very different approach of building user interfaces.

And many more...

Which I forgot to mention.